A different approach …

It’s been a brilliant week.

Proof copies of the Australian/New Zealand edition of Secrets of the Tides are in and they look beautiful. The cover has been printed on a textured paper – very strokeable and some copies are being sent out with an incredible shell. They’re really gorgeous. The one I have here is fascinating my three year-old – he holds it to his ear and goes very still, trying to hear the ocean roar inside.

It’s really interesting to see the different approaches the UK and Australia are taking with the novel. I love them both: the UK for the eery atmosphere of that house, totally isolated and all lit-up from within as dusk falls, and the Australian version for their nostalgic, sun-bleached feel that instantly conjures up memories of childhood holidays down by the sea.

Lutyens & Rubinstein received an offer this week for the Danish translation rights for the novel too. Plus, there was an exciting invitation, of which I promise more at a later date, AND another wholly unexpected offer which I am still pinching myself about. What a week!

It’s wonderful, humbling and just a tiny bit terrifying to think of all the various people getting involved in Secrets of the Tides. So many beans to spill, but sadly not yet. I’m off to sit on my hands, before I type any more…

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