Sun Herald interview

I was interviewed by Linda Morris for the Sun Herald this weekend.

It was a really strange experience to have a journalist come to the house and ask me all about my writing and my life. At first I couldn’t imagine what I would  have to say that would be interesting to anyone else, but as Linda’s gentle questions took on a more searching nature, I had to really think about how much of myself I wanted to reveal. In the end I realised I didn’t actually have much to hide and Linda was so warm and friendly it was pretty easy to open up to her. I’m really happy with the result, and of course it was a gob-smacking moment to open the paper to this on Sunday, cheesy grin and all! Have I said how much I love my publicist at Hachette Australia? Go Jaki!

You can read the full interview here if you are interested.

2 thoughts on “Sun Herald interview

  1. David Hutton-Potts says:

    Nice comments by Linda Morris in the article Hannah. Sue and her daughter Helen loved the book. Both couldn’t put it down. Very well done. Lots of love to you, Matt, Jude and Grace. David xx

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