Writing, sense of place and self-doubt

What a glorious week it’s been for the 2012 Sydney Writers’ Festival. The city has put on a dazzling display of sunshine and sparkling harbour views and the crowds down at the Festival in Walsh Bay (I was told at the launch it’s the 3rd largest literary festival in the world) were huge.

I sat out in the sunshine and listened to a panel discuss second novels, and enjoyed separate sessions on comedic writing and sibling relationships. I also took part in my first festival gig which I will blog about separately, simply because I want the opportunity to wax lyrical about Emily Perkins’ divine new novel ‘The Forrests’ somewhere on here.

I promise the shameless self-promotion will stop soon, but in the meantime, here is an interview I did with the Sydney Writers’ Centre at the Festival earlier this week. I really enjoyed this one – hard not to when you’re talking about writing in such a beautiful setting.

2 thoughts on “Writing, sense of place and self-doubt

  1. Kerrie Masters says:

    Just finished reading Secrets of the tides. Brilliant…the best book I have read in a long while. Keep writing. I am awaiting the next book.

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