Game of Thrones

Like millions of others right now, I’m totally hooked on the HBO TV adaptation of Game of Thrones.

We have a final episode to watch of Season 2 and I can’t bear the thought of it being over, and of having to wait until Season 3.

Watching the story unfold, I find myself marvelling at the awesomeness of George R. R. Martin’s brain. Plotting that many warring factions, linking the threads, driving a compelling narrative arc that pulls together the complex and competing journeys of so many different characters is amazing to me. It makes me feel dizzy just thinking about it. I struggled to do it with three lead characters and an ensemble cast across the length of one book, but for George R. R. Martin it must have been like playing five simultaneous games of chess, and over the duration of seven books!  I would LOVE to know how he plots his work. I have serious brain envy.

George R. R. Martin I bow down to you. You are the king.