Get Reading!

I’m chuffed to bits that Secrets of the Tides has been included in Australia’s Get Reading! 2012 campaign, selected as one of 50 Aussie books that you can’t put down. For the next month my book will be sporting the lovely sticker (above).

Get Reading! is Australia’s largest annual celebration of books and reading and their aim is to encourage Australian’s everywhere to put up their feet and pick up a book. You can find out more about the campaign here, or pick up their free reading guide in a local bookshop.

I’m not sure I ever thought I’d see Secrets of the Tides in the Blue Wiggle’s TBR pile, but there you go… happy days.

5 thoughts on “Get Reading!

    • Hannah Richell says:

      Cheers Tien. There are a lot of great books to choose from! I’m reading Majok Tulba’s Beneath the Darkening Sky from the list at the moment and it’s powerful and heartbreaking.

  1. DrD says:

    Congratulations Hannah! Well deserved – I was telling your lovely husband this morning that I couldn’t put your book down when I started it. I’m also reading Beneath The Darkening Sky – it’s very confronting but you’re right, very powerful…

    • Hannah Richell says:

      Cheers Dawn. I had to put BTDS down last night and step away for a while – so harrowing. But I can’t stop reading. I can’t wait to read Fractured next year. The buzz has already started! 🙂

      • Dawn Barker says:

        I finished BTDS last night at 2am while up feeding the baby. In a way I was glad it was finished. Can’t get some of the images out of my head – but was worth finishing. Something lighter next I think…
        And thanks for the kind words about Fractured!

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