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Before I became a writer, I worked in the publishing and film industries marketing books and movies. I began to write in 2007 while pregnant with my first child. The result was Secrets of the Tides, which was picked for the 2012 Richard & Judy Book Club, the Waterstones Book Club and was shortlisted for the Australian Independent Bookseller Best Debut Fiction Award, ABIA General Fiction Book of the Year (2013) and ABIA Newcomer of the Year (2013).

Since then I have written The Shadow Year (2013), The Peacock Summer (2018) and my latest novel, The River Home, which will be published in 2020. My work is available in twenty-two territories and has been translated into seventeen languages.

I have also written for a number of media outlets including Harper’s BazaarThe IndependentFairfax Media and Australian Women’s Weekly. 

I am a dual citizen of the UK and Australia, though I currently live in the South West of England with my family.

I’m represented by Sarah Lutyens at Lutyens & Rubinstein.


30 thoughts on “About

  1. Lisa McKay says:

    Hi Hannah! I’m typing this while my six month old sleeps. I’m in awe of you managing to write your first book during those early hazy days of motherhood. I’ve found the opposite – that writing’s become harder since he was born. Anyway, just wanted to say hello from one author mama to another and let you know I looked up your book, sadly, can’t buy it yet on kindle (which is a must for me as I live in Laos at present).

    • Hannah Richell says:

      Hi Lisa, wow Laos, how amazing! Thanks for commenting. It’s hard juggling it all, isn’t it? But fun too. I think Secrets of the Tides will be available for kindle from 12th April. I’ve just signed up for your blog. Good luck with the house hunting … and the baby … and the writing!


    Hi Hannah, I have just finished reading SECRETS OF THE TIDES . What a fantastic read , Ireally love this book. I was born in Weymouth 69 yrs ago came to Australia as a child so your book also added a bit of nostalgia . Thankyou once again Hannah I look forward yo your next book , Gillian

    • Hannah Richell says:

      Hi Gillian, thank you for reading Secrets of the Tides – and thanks so much for your feedback. I really do appreciate it and am so happy you enjoyed the book. All best, Hannah x

  3. Russell VJ Ward (@RussellVJWard) says:

    Who doesn’t love a good story about a writer who made it and became an author? Congratulations, Hannah. So pleased for you. I just watched your SWF interview and your writing passion really comes across. I’m looking forward to following your progress over the coming months. It’s also great to see you managing the connection to home from afar. It’s not easy, is it?! Looks like we share similar journeys – UK to Canada then here. Good luck with it all… Cheers, Russell

    • Hannah Richell says:

      Thanks Russell – so nice of you to get in touch and thanks for your kind words. No, that journey is not an easy one. Still, it’s worth it to live in Oz, right? Are you a writer too? H.

      • Russell VJ Ward (@RussellVJWard) says:

        Absolutely. No complaints yet, although I always pine for a bit of blighty from time to time. I currently blog here (www.insearchofalifelessordinary.com) and have freelanced for several publications, including the UK Telegraph. But my passion is to write a book and I’m tentatively heading along that path (very early days), which is why I’m so interested in, and keen to follow, your own story.

  4. jumpingfromcliffs says:

    It’s always heartening to come across a published author who, like the rest of us, “never expected” the dream to come true. I’m hoping pregnancy isn’t a compulsory part of the process though, otherwise I don’t stand a chance!

  5. Ali says:

    G’day Hannah. Have just finished reading Secrets. Thought it was a brilliant read and my sister has just started the book and loves it too. I’m a boomerang pom with Aussie citizenship, having spent many years living in Sydney on and off, always on the lower North Shore. I’m presently back in the UK but long for the day I return to Oz for good! Please, please, please write a book set in Oz sometime in the future!!! =^..^=

    • Hannah Richell says:

      Hi Ali, thanks for leaving your comment. I keep wondering about Oz in a book but haven’t quite come up with the thing that feels right yet. England seems to be the place I keep going back to in my writing but I think Australia will come… Hope you’re keeping warm over there if you’re still in the UK – I hear it’s cold right now! And thank you for reading Secrets x

  6. Carolyn Jess-Cooke says:

    Hannah I’m so glad I found your blog – I identify TOTALLY with your second novel story (and also deleted 100,000 words at one point – it still hurts) AND I spent a month at Varuna in 2005. It was just lovely seeing your pics and so refreshing to read an honest account of just how hard the climb is after a first novel. I think many people expect it all to be plain sailing after the ‘hard part’ of getting an agent and publisher, but it’s hard work! Well done, your new novel sounds ace. x

    • Hannah Richell says:

      Hi Carolyn, how lovely to meet you, if only electronically. I’ve been wandering through your blog this morning and see you lived in Sydney for a bit too. Hopefully our paths might cross one day … I have a feeling we might have some stories to share. Best of luck with the new book idea and with those four gorgeous kids – your creative output is VERY impressive 😉 x

  7. Lis Edwards says:

    Hi Hannah, I’ve just finished reading Secrets of the Tides, I totally loved your story, and was torn with wanting to know what happened and not wanting the book to finish! I’m really looking forward to your next book! Lis x

  8. Help Me Help Holly ♥ says:

    Hi Hannah, loved Secrets of the Tides and very much looking forward to reading The Shadow Year! I’m an aspiring writer and mum to a 6 month old baby girl (Holly). Money’s tighter now we’re on one income but I’m allowed the occasional book as a treat (to keep me sane haha) and The Shadow Year is first on the list 🙂 Just wanted to say Hi from one mum/writer to another, and wish you every success with the new book.

    • Hannah Richell says:

      Hi – thanks so much for your lovely message. I hope you enjoy The Shadow Year (let me know what you think) and good luck with your writing. I hope you find those moments in your days with Holly to get the words down. H x

  9. merinz says:

    Hi, I am a New Zealander, read a review on a blog about your books so bought both of them via Kindle. I read Shadow Year first and could hardly bear to put it down! Am now half way through Secrets of the Tides.

    As a mother to four children (now all grown up and left home) to be able to write and have young children at the same time you have my undying admiration.

    I have never even commented to an author before – but just wanted to congratulate you on your two books and all the very best for the future which I am sure will hold more books.

    • Hannah Richell says:

      Hello – thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying my books. You say I have your undying admiration but I look at you having raised FOUR kids and feel the same kind of admiration for you … it’s the most important job in the world! It’s lovely to hear from you. All best, Hannah

  10. Joanne Cox says:

    Hi there.. Im almost through your book ” the shadow year ” and have absoloutely loved it!! I tend to stick to certain authors but when i spotted this in my library i was instantly drawnm to it!! Fab storylines running alongside each other…well done! I have just reserved my copy of your first book and look forward to losing myself in that too. Love and best wishes..

    • Hannah Richell says:

      Thanks, Joanne. I’m so glad you’re enjoying The Shadow Year. I hope you enjoy Secrets of the Tides as much. It’s lovely of you to get in touch to tell me. You’ve given me a nice boost this morning as I sit down to face the tangled knots of my third novel. 🙂

  11. evelyn macculloch says:

    Hello. I have just literally finished reading secrets of the tides. It took me a while to get into but i have to say the ending had me in tears i had no idea i could relate to those kind of emotions. I had never read a hannah richell until secrets of the tides but now i will be looking for them. I’d say it’s a definite read

  12. Patricia Ferrenberg says:

    Hi, it’s me again. I just looked over your website and I didn’t see The House of Tides but saw The Secrets of the Tides. Are they the same book?

    • Hannah Richell says:

      Hi Patricia, thanks for reading The House of Tides. It is the same book as Secrets of the Tides. My US publisher decided to give it a different name. Glad to hear you are finding it interesting. All best, Hannah

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